5 Content Marketing Mistakes You Might Be Making

5 Content Marketing Mistakes You Might Be Making

Content marketing is the heart of digital marketing. You must have heard this and so many other statements like that. After all, a few years ago, content marketing became the central specialty of online marketing in companies. 

However, it is still very common to see the same mistakes behind unsuccessful actions. The strategies constantly focus on some points and neglect several details, equally important.

It is clear that mistakes will always be part of the path, allowing even great learning in different situations. However, it is always best to avoid them, preventing possible waste of resources. 

5 Content Marketing Mistakes

So, in today’s post, we will talk about 5 common mistakes that you may be making in your content strategies and how we can solve them. 

Neglecting the Bases: Research, Planning, Objectives and Strategies

One of the biggest mistakes made by entrepreneurs is not to establish (or neglect) the basis of content marketing actions. However, the truth is that without the proper foundations, you will just see your work fall apart quickly.

Believing that being present on the network or having online content is a great opportunity in itself, accessible to everyone and that everything else will work out by intuition, is more common than it should be, and is just one more reason why many people don’t get results.

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Before starting any marketing action (traditional or digital), it is necessary to have a complete picture of the scenario of your market segment: how your competitors position themselves on the network, who your target is, and what they are looking for. 

That way, you will be able to set realistic goals and deadlines, determine the strategies and the investment required to achieve them. Research your niche and the tools available on the net that are best suited to your segment.

Focus on the Company Only

This is a remnant of traditional marketing practices still very present in online actions.

But the internet works on other premises. The individual has more power in the network and the focus of communications should be the target, not the company. 

Thus, content that seeks only to sell or impact has little effectiveness. Content marketing seeks to activate engagement and build relationships, and this is unlikely to happen if you just tell him “buy it!”

You must offer value to the audience through the information provided, help them find solutions and entertain them in the process. 

Search for subjects that the public is interested in and that may be related to your product and service. Also bet on creating personas that represent consumer groups. 

These avatars serve to illustrate who your audiences are in a more specific way and guide how you can talk to them.

Do not Diversify Across Platforms and Formats

The buzz of bloggers and social networks has made many people assume that doing content marketing is creating a blog or a Facebook page (or other social networks), centralizing the web presence in a single channel. 

However, having a blog or a page is not necessarily doing content marketing. Today people browse multiple devices (mobile and desktop), multiple platforms (social networks, e-mail, search engines), and access content in different formats (posts, video ads, infographics).

It is necessary to invest in a mix of means and forms suitable for your market segment, creating synergy between the actions, attracting and retaining the audience.

Produce Irrelevant Content

This error occurs frequently and has a lot to do with the previous error. You pay full attention to the choice of platforms, channels and shapes, in addition to the motorcycle they will work with during the campaign, taking the potential customer through the sales funnel until conversion. However, it fails in an essential point: to give substance to the content produced.

Browsing the network is immediate and dispersed. So, if your content is not interesting enough to retain attention, you can quickly tire the audience and lose it early in the process.

Ask yourself what is really relevant to the target and try to create conversations around your brand without being afraid to be creative or bet on what is out of the ordinary. 

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The offer of content on the network is immense, and you have billions of direct and indirect competitors offering things from unusual to interesting. Creating stories (Transmedia Storytelling) that can be followed between the media is one of the most effective online tactics.

Do not Optimize Content = Poor Positioning and Recognition on the Network

Let’s imagine that you’ve done all your homework so far, from research to content production. Only your audience is not finding you on the network. There are two reasons why this is happening:

  • The site has not been indexed to Google;
  • Lack of content optimization.

Unfortunately, many people forget these steps. Most internet users reach their content through searches that work with algorithmic bases (keywords and terms) in search engines. Therefore, it is necessary to optimize and index your content.

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The first thing to do is to index your site. Therefore, go to “Google add url” and follow the step by step. You should also consult a “term search report” (or other tool) to identify terms and subjects that your target audience searches for most on the network, these terms should be used in your texts, posts and other content created so that “robots” search engines interpret their content as relevant to the public.

Finally, invest in SEO techniques that can improve your ranking in searches, after all, people usually check only the first pages of the search. Did you like the article and want to know more about it? 

Then leave your comment with questions, doubts or suggestions. Join the conversation!

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