How to Create Your Traffic and List System

How to Create Your Traffic and List System

Do you have a blog and need a reliable Traffic and List System?

In this post, I am going to teach you how to set up your online business model as used by top online marketers from around the world.

This includes:

  • How to write a killer pre-sale article,
  • design your Squeeze Page so you can start collecting leads,
  • design your automated follow-up e-mail system so you can close even more sales, and
  • Monetize further from your traffic using up-sells and back-ends.

First thing is first: I want to talk to you about the importance of having an online business system.

You see, the difference between successful online marketers and the mediocre ones is in having a solid system in place.

How to Create Your Traffic and List System

Whereas successful marketers have a solid system that is automated and is proven to bring in recurring income for them, the mediocre marketers, on the other hand, do not have a system in place or they ARE the system.

This means that they are handling everything: selling, the traffic generation, logistics, administration, and even customer support.

You see, the problem with making yourself part of the system is that you are just human.

This means that regardless of whatever effort and hard work you put in, you can produce only very limited results.

Your time is finite. Your energy is finite. Moreover, one day you will just crash and burn.

On the other hand, if you have an automated system in place (the Online allows you to do it very easily at a very, very low cost), not only can you easily automate your online business so that you don’t have to keep working all the time, you can do the work just once and actually set and forget it.

This is why having a very solid online business system in place is crucial to the foundation of your online marketing success.

Because in the end, you do not just want to make a lot of money, you will also want to have a lot of time freedom to enjoy as well.

How to Create Your Traffic and List System

You are now looking at the online business model overview. Therefore, this is the diagram; I will be walking you through in detail.

What you are looking at now is the standard online business model that many top online marketers are using today.

Of course, each marketer has their own style of marketing and some take it on themselves to enhance the model.

However, the principles do not change. Moreover, not anyone smart will reinvent the wheel. This is a proven business template you can copy and paste for every website you own, or about to build.

Okay, here is how it goes: your visitor will be coming to your main website, and the main page at your website is this post page called the Pre-sell Page.

The purpose of the Presell Page is to educate the audience and leave them wanting thereby the urge to stick around.

Once, the visitor is reframed: your visitor will be directed to another customized webpage, which is called the Squeeze Page.

The purpose of the Squeeze Page is to collect leads into your mailing list.

Once your visitor puts in his name and e-mail address, he will be seeing your next page called the Thank You, Page.

Which will eventually lead to the Sales Page or One-Time Offer.

So, whether he purchases your One-Time-Offer or not, he has already confirmed his subscription to your mailing list. After that, he will start getting your follow-up e-mails.

Each of the components that I have just highlighted is very crucial to your online business success because as said,

This is the same template that many top 6-figure and 7-figure marketers are using today and you are getting them right now.

I will be covering every part of this online business model in detail.

Presell Page

A Pre-sell Page comes before the Sales Page. It is used to frames the next step for the reader.

However, the next step may not result in a sale. In many instances, a Pre-sell Page raises the readers’ curiosity to the point of getting them to click onto the next page.

Which is why most online marketers tag it as a bridge page. Since it is factual acts as a bridge to the next page.

Briefly, the pre-sell page prepares the mind or frames your mental state for the next anticipated action.

How to Create Your Traffic and List System

That next anticipated action is actually to get the reader to the state where their desires and emotions are amplified to ingest the next piece of content, which is typically the sales letter.

At the same time, it builds a micro-commitment, with the click. Then click to the next page creates enough momentum, which drives the prospect forward.

If done right, the Pre-sell Page acts as a propeller for the next step in the buyer journey.

By simply warming up your readers first with educational content, that inject curiosity with added momentum and ensure they take your desired action.

Squeeze Page

Unlike the sales letter whereby it converts visitors into customers, the sole purpose of a Squeeze Page is to convert visitors into subscribers.

However, like the sales letter, your Squeeze Page is also a simple one-page website.

There is nothing else on it except an opt-in form and perhaps essential links – like your customer support, how to contact you,

your earning disclaimer and your privacy policy pages. These are definitely essential.

Therefore, once your visitors fill in your opt-in form, you funnel them into your opt-in mailing list,

which in effect, this allows you to build your own mailing list of prospects that you can later turn into customers.

This is the mission of the Squeeze Page: to convert visitors into subscribers.

Now, this is very important because you see, if you use a sales letter to convert visitors into customers, let us just say your sales letter is doing very well.

You are converting at letting us say, 10% that means for every 100 visitors, you are getting 10 customers. Now, this is a good conversion.

But, no matter how good your conversions are, there will always be a big percentage of people who do not buy your product on the first contact.

And if you are achieving at a 10% conversion rate, this means that the other 90% of the traffic is not buying your product.

So where does this traffic go?

It goes wasted if you do not attempt to monetize them or at least, collect their leads.

And this is where the importance of a Squeeze Page falls in. As already mentioned earlier, not everybody buys on the first contact.

Buyers are naturally sceptical. So, you have to build a big rapport and relationship with them before they can start to trust you first. So…

Why build a mailing list?

This is so that you can capture your prospect’s details before he leaves and forgets to come back.

Online users always act on an impulse and the problem with acting on an impulse is that people do not always remember where they were 10 web pages ago.

I am sure you can relate to this.

Therefore, before the prospect leaves your website, you would want to capture his details at least so you can build a list of prospects that you can start to build more trust and rapport with them.

Once you started to introduce yourself, tell them more about yourself through your follow-up e-mails, how you can help them solve a certain problem or achieve a certain desire or goal.

You can start to gain more trust and close even more sales through your e-mail follow-ups.

So what if they don’t buy your main product by any chance?

Well, smart marketers would not stop over there because they will continue to sell even more products in the near future.

How to Create Your Traffic and List System

So, even if your prospects don’t buy your product on the first contact.

You can always paddle secondary products to them, allowing you to make even more money.

Now, it’s no longer a secret why the top marketers are always able to make money month-in month-out and consistently

because they always have a mailing list of responsive people they can blast out promotion e-mails to and now you are going to do exactly the same as them.

Your Mailing List = Your Gold Mine

Remember, your mailing list is your gold mine! So treat your prospects and customers with respect.

Because for every name that opts in to your mailing list, there are always real people behind the computer.

While we are still on the topic on Squeeze Pages, I am going to teach you how to quickly write your Squeeze Page and how to quickly format it so it becomes very compelling and you can get to convert even more visitors into subscribers.

How to Format your Squeeze Page

Unbelievably, the Squeeze Page is actually very, very simple. In fact, that is an understatement.

It is actually oversimplified. A Squeeze Page consists of four main components and that is all.

Squeeze Page Format

The headline, Sub-headline, Benefits, and Call to action.

The Headline

Your headline has to be very compelling and you must qualify your prospecting visitor. Why should he subscribe to your mailing list?

This is why the headline is very important. If you want to study great headlines, just look at the newspaper or great ad copies.

You will notice which headline has captured your attention in the newspaper or which advertisement captured your attention the most.

In addition, you will notice that they always use some convincing words like“Guaranteed“Secrets” How to…”Discover…”These are some of the very powerful words you can use in your headline.


The sub-headline acts as a hook to make the prospect continue reading. Therefore, what you are learning here is actually the same principles as writing a sales letter.


There is also the benefits. Just because subscribing to your mailing list is free, it does not mean that people will just part away with their names and e-mail addresses just like that.

You need to give them a very, very good reason and this is where your benefits come in.

You write your benefits in a bullet point list and convince the person why he should join your mailing list. You can come up with some examples like:

“Free tips and tricks on how to do something”

“Secrets to…that cannot be found anywhere else”

“Quick solutions to big problems”

“..And things like that.”

This is very important because you would want to put a foot in the door.

Call to Action.

Finally, yet importantly, you would want to have a call to action. In this case, the only call to action your Squeeze Page has to offer is to get the visitors to sign up to your mailing list by parting his name and e-mail address to you. That is all there is to it.

Next thing you need to get is an autoresponder.

Getting an Autoresponder

An autoresponder is a system that allows you to collect your mailing list, manage your leads, and send e-mails out too. So having an autoresponder is essential.

Some of the recommended autoresponders today I would recommend are:

Just to throw in a mix of variety, there’s also another trusted self-hosted autoresponder service called,

The one you settle for is entirely your choice. These are some of the top autoresponder services that top marketers are using today.

They cost only like $15 to $20 a month or so. Alternatively, you can subscribe to a yearly plan to save more.

Now, this is something you cannot afford to not invest. Very important! You must invest in an autoresponder because if you do not have an autoresponder, you do not have a mailing list.

You cannot build one that way. Moreover, if you do not have a mailing list, you do not have a business. The truth is that simple. Therefore, you cannot afford to go cheap on this and say you do not need an autoresponder. You need one.

If you want to be successful, you want to build a solid 6-figure, 7-figure Online business, you must have an autoresponder.

You need it because you need to build your mailing list to manage your leads, to send out e-mails to all in one place and this is why you need to have an autoresponder.

Opt-In Email

All this while, I have been talking about opt-ins. What are this opt-ins actually?

There are two types of opt-ins: Single opt-in and Double opt-in.

Single opt-in is quite simple. It is a process where your subscriber immediately enters your mailing list after filling his details.

In other words, when a visitor puts in his name and e-mail address, his subscription to your mailing list is confirmed right away and therefore, he is on your mailing list.

Then there is the second type, it is called double opt-in. The process is a little bit complicated but a lot safer and you will get more qualified leads.

After signing up, your subscriber needs to check his inbox for a verification e-mail and he must click on the verification link to confirm his subscription. That is what the double opt-in does.

I really recommend double opt-in feature for your autoresponder because if you use single opt-in and you are getting a lot of traffic to your Squeeze Page, you will have some people who are not serious.

They will put in fake e-mail addresses or trash e-mail addresses, which are not the kind of leads you would want to get. You rather not have them, you see.

The worst part is that some of them would put fake e-mail addresses of other people’s or even a local government as well. So you can also run into spam issues, which is quite risky.

This is why I highly recommend that you use double opt-in for your autoresponder. So at least you get a more qualified list.

It is going to be a lot less but you get leads that are more qualified and you get subscribers that are more serious.

Confirmation: Thank you Page

After a subscriber confirms his subscription to your mailing list, he will arrive at this confirmation ‘Thank You’ page.

It is a very simple ‘Thank You’ page where you acknowledge that your visitor is now officially subscribed to your mailing list. That is just it.

Because he needs to know that, he is already on your mailing list.

However, did you know that you could also turn this page into a great virtual real estate for advertisements?

Many average online marketers do not do this and I think it is a waste of precious space if you do not monetize this Thank You page.

Creating Your Traffic

You can put in your affiliate links or a sales letter to one of your products, it is your choice. The most important thing does not let this page go to waste.

Moreover, since you own every web page you have on your website, you might as well make use of them to the maximum.

Follow-Up Emails and Broadcasting Time-Sensitive Emails

The next thing I want to talk about is follow-up e-mails and broadcasting time-sensitive e-mails.

Types of Autoresponder Emails

There are two types of autoresponder e-mails:

Follow-up e-mails. Automatically dispensed on an interval to your subscriber until they are finished.

Broadcast e-mails. Can be sent instantly at any time. This is perfect for time-sensitive offers.

You must have these two types of e-mails if you want to make big income online.

Why use follow-up emails?

The first obvious reason is that you can automatically follow-up your prospects who did not buy your product on the first contact. This is what I have been telling you all this while.

Majority of your prospects would not buy your product on the first contact. Therefore, when they join your mailing list, you do not want to be there all the time sending e-mails every day.

So, what you do is you have a series of follow-up e-mails and let your autoresponder dispense them on an interval.

For example, if your subscriber joins in on the first day, he will get a welcome e-mail. And on Day 2, he will get another e-mail.

And on Day 3, he gets yet another different e-mail altogether but all the e-mails have one thing in common: They all pre-sell your main product, which in effect will help you close even more sales!

This is great too because you also prolong the life of your product. Did you know that many online marketers,

some of them are having this problem where they have to keep creating new products after new products so they can make a good monthly income?

This is because they are very poor at selling the same product repeatedly. They are unable to find new customers.

So as a result, they try to create new products repeatedly to make a month’s end.

Now by using follow-up e-mails, you can create a product just once and focus on getting traffic to build your mailing list.

So, no matter which period of time your prospects join your mailing list, he will end up seeing your same product so you will increase your chances of people buying your product over the time and therefore it prolongs the life span of your product.

Don’t you think that is an ingenious concept?

Now, what do you do when all else fails? You endorse other products. It does not have to be your own products.

It can even be your competitor’s products. You can join an affiliate program and promote for commissions.

Because it is a clear cut that if this prospect does not want to buy your product, he may eventually go to your competitors instead.

So, it will make sense to get a commission in the process.

How to Create Your List System

Now we are going to review the Online Business Model one more time in the follow-up e-mail section.

Notice that by putting up a series of follow-up e-mails and storing them into your autoresponder, you can promote various products at different periods.

The longer your prospect’s stays on your mailing list; he will see many different offers along the period until he cancels his subscription or until the follow-up e-mails are finished.

Other Ways to Make Money with Your List

Here are other ways to make money from your mailing list

You can sell other people’s products, which I was just talking about.

You can sell other products of your own. If the prospect does not buy your main product on the first contact, you can sell him other products that you own.

You can also be an affiliate for other people’s products where you can promote for commissions.

This is great because this means you do not have to create the product, you do not have to do customer support and you just earn a commission from doing so.

Click Here to Learn More about selling other People Products

Then, there is also selling advertising space. You can sell advertising space to interested advertisers who want to advertise their service or their product to your mailing list. Therefore, you can charge an e-mail advertising space.

Now, there is this thing called ‘CPA’ (Cost-Per-Action) whereby you are paid for every action your subscribers take.

It can be that of taking a survey, signing up to a mailing list or attending a seminar preview offline in any part of the world.

This is what it calls a Cost-Per-Action or also known as Pay-Per-Lead. CPA is an exploding industry and it is becoming exponentially profitable so I recommend you to try it out as well.

Would you like to know even more ways to make money?

Make Money with Your List

There are two more concepts that I would like to talk to you about. It is called the One-Time Offer and Downsell.

Going back to the Online Business Model diagram, notice that after a visitor subscribes through your Squeeze Page, he does not go to your ‘Thank You’ page right away or a confirmation page. He sees the One-Time Offer first.

Now, he is going to do one of the two things here: He is going to buy or do not buy.

If he buys your One-Time Offer, then great! He continues and downloads his product and still stays on your mailing list.

But what happens if the person doesn’t buy your product, which is your One-Time Offer?

You give him the Downsell. Let us talk about the One-Time Offer first.

What is a One-Time-Offer?

A One-Time Offer is an authentic special offer made available only once. This is why it’s called a One-Time Offer.

To make the offer enticing, you must make sure that the One-Time Offer is not available anywhere else and priced at a bargain price.

It must be priced so irresistible that if the prospect passes it up, he cannot see the offer again, ever. So, that is what a One-Time-Offer is all about.

How to Make Your OTO Successful

Here are some ideas to make your OTO successful:

You can sell a new membership level.

You can also sell a full version or main product at a discount (because if he passes up this offer, he will have to pay at retail again if he chooses to buy again next time).

You can bundle a collection of your best selling products and sell for one low price therefore, your customer will save big time.

Offering instalment plans for high priced products that you have. Let us just say you have a $1,000 product and not everybody can afford $1,000 right away.

So, you can offer a 3 month or 6 months instalment plan for a high priced product like that, for example.

To give you a rough conversion rate idea, if you are having free visitors seeing your One-Time Offer, an ideal conversion rate would be at 2% to 4%.

But if you are getting paid customers seeing your One-Time Offer, then it will be great if you can get 20% to 40% of them buying your One-Time Offer as well.

So this is just some of the ballpark figures.

What is Downsell?

You always hear the Downsell hand-in-hand with the One-Time Offer, all the time. A Downsell is actually a lite version of the One-Time Offer and it is typically priced lower than the One-Time Offer.

Again, like the One-Time Offer, it’s made available only once and if the prospect passes up the One-Time Offer. So let us say your One-Time Offer is price at $97 for 10 products.

Some people buy and the rest do not. So what do you do with the rest of the people who do not buy your One-Time Offer?

You will send them to a Downsell page where you tell them that they can still get the same package minus a few products but at a lower price, say $67.

This way you can overcome the objection of people who are on a lower budget but they can still afford your package.

How to Make your Downsell Successful

You can offer instalment plans for high priced products, which is quite similar to the OTO. Or you can remove a few components from your main package and sell at a lower, discounted price.

The ideal conversion rates for free subscribers who are buying your Downsell should be 1% or 2%. If you can achieve more than that, that would be better.

Or if you are having a paid customer who passes up the One-Time Offer but wants to purchase your Downsell, you are looking at the ideal conversion rate of 10% to 20%.

So this pretty much covers your traffic and list system!

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